The ever expanding world of truly cruelty free makeup is so exciting! Truly cruelty free is what I call products that are free from all animal ingredients and never, ever tested on animals. I want to show you that just because these products come with a vegan label, they are in no way inferior! In fact, because these vegan products are created by people who are so incredibly passionate, they are very often superior in many ways. Including length of wear, pigment, and ranges of colour. They are generally even created with ingredients that are less harmful when absorbed by our skin or licked off of our lips. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and it absorbs any cosmetic and beauty products we apply, but skin friendly is not my number 1 goal.

I’m here to help. My goal is to make it easy for everyone to find truly cruelty free alternatives to makeup products. I want it to be easy for anyone from makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts, to those who only wear mascara or a touch of lipstick, to search for and find wonderful vegan products to meet your needs. I also want to help businesses transition to cruelty free and vegan beauty alternatives. I put a lot of energy and research into the information that I provide, and if there is something you would like help with in regards to vegan beauty or the vegan lifestyle in general, I would genuinely love to assist.

There is no reason that we can’t all be the naturally beautiful, glamorous diva, or sun-kissed-year-round-bohemian-babe that we desire to be, while respecting our fellow earthlings and using only truly cruelty free products.

Charada x

PS – I’m in the process of building a website and app designed to make purchasing kind products so much easier. Check it out here, and follow my progress on social media!