This review is for the Adorn Vegan Kabuki Foundation Brush, which retails in Australia for $40.

What Adorn say about this vegan kabuki brush:

“An Adorn Foundation essential. Our unique flat top, Kabuki Brush gives an effortless, flawless finish to any of our foundation types, without the need for ‘overbuffing’ the skin, whilst gently exfoliating and stimulating skin cell regeneration. This amazing brush can be used wet or dry!”

My Thoughts:

This flat top brush is beautiful. It’s soft, it’s pretty, and it’s dense. Which – when it comes to kabuki brushes – is an excellent thing!

The Upside:

This brush is obviously made with high quality synthetic fibers. It’s comfortable to hold and the flat top makes it easy to pick up product evenly.

The Downside:

The only possible downside to this brush would be the price. Not everyone can afford to pay $40 for a makeup brush, however I can honestly say that a good quality kabuki brush is a worthwhile investment to any beauty kit.

The Extended Review:

The Adorn vegan kabuki brush is perfect for applying foundation! As I mentioned above, it’s flat top makes it easy to pick up product evenly, and the bristles are amazingly dense so it blends beautifully. This brush gives great results without having to work hard.

Side view of the Adorn vegan kabuki brush

Also because it’s so dense, product stays closer to the top of the bristles meaning less product is wasted and it’s easier to clean. As I mentioned above this brush is also super soft, and I haven’t experienced any shedding at all while using or cleaning it.

Top view of the bristles

The short, round handle fits comfortably in the palm of my hand and makes for a comfortable grip.

Side view of the brush being held

The brush’s flat top also gives it a unique ability to apply product using the edges of the brush, by tilting it to either side. This is great for applying makeup to smaller areas on the face, or when applying bronzer/blush/highlighter.

Makeup Artist Tip:

Aim to wash makeup brushes once a week, and if possible give them a quick clean with a brush cleaning spray in between each use. This is important as it keeps the brushes in the best condition, and it is also very important for our skin as it keeps the brushes bacteria free. Makeup brushes should always be dried with the handles higher than the bristles. This is to avoid water sitting in the ferrule (the part of the brush where the bristles are glued in) which will help the brush to dry faster, and extend the life of the brush. Long handled brushes can lie on a hand towel with the handles propped up, and short handled brushes – like this kabuki – can be dried using the method pictured below:

Brushes hanging upside down

This is an excellent way to save bench space when drying brushes, while also keeping them in the best condition!

I actually like to dry all of my brushes this way now, if I have somewhere suitable to attach them. It saves a lot of bench space, allows the air to circulate around the bristles on all sides, and gravity draws water away from the ferrule immediately. If using a towel rack in the bathroom to do this, just be aware that steam and humidity will affect drying time.


The Adorn Cosmetics range can be purchased online from and shipped worldwide. Do you have this kabuki, or any other Adorn brushes? What do you think of the flat top? Comment below and share your opinion.

Thank you for choosing truly cruelty free products!

Charada x

Adorn Vegan Kabuki Ingredients: synthetic bristles.

*This product was provided to me for review purposes, however all opinions within this review are my own. I will always be honest about how a product performs regardless of whether the product was supplied or purchased.