Friday evening at Raw in Melbourne came together magically, and I could not be happier.

For those who don’t know, earlier this year I was asked to participate in the Raw: Natural Born Artists showcase in Melbourne on April 10th. I was excited as I had attended events in Adelaide and Washington DC previously and loved them, so I was very quick to say yes! I was given a five minute time slot to create a runway show that reflected my ethics and ideals, and given complete creative control.

Enter: Possession.

Innocent beings capable of feeling joy, fear, and pain, are stripped of their skins, their dignity, and ultimately their own bodies and lives.

After our show the performers handed out vegan goodie bags to 50 people in the audience, including vegan starter kits thanks to PETA Australia, and samples, discount vouchers and flyers thanks to HappyCow, Earthlings: The Movie, Northcote Natural Therapies, Montalto Bio Cosmetics Australia, Forest Haven B&B, Symphony of Green, and Green Australia.

More photos of the show and from behind the scenes can be seen on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/veganmakeupbycharada and on instagram @makeupbycharada.

Thanks again to Raw, Lalika for designing our beautiful and unique costumes, our very talented hairstylist Pearly, my wonderful performers Elka, Meghan, May, Shanti, and Brock. Thanks to everyone who attended the show, and thanks to all of my supportive friends and family!

Look out for the professional video and photography from the show 🙂

Charada x

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